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The Best Powdered Sugar Substitutes

If you enjoy baking, you are likely to be familiar with powdered sweetener. It's a crucial ingredient in buttercream frosting and icing, and it's also used for dusting over various baked goods. However, you may find you've run out of powdered sweetener after starting a baking project. Fortunately, there's no need to rush to the grocery store. You can try one of the following powdered sweetener substitutes the next time you're in need.

Granulated Sugar and Potato Starch

If you are looking for a powdered sweetener substitute for a Kosher for Passover alternative to, a combination of potato starch and granulated sugar works well. The way of using potato starch is in the same manner as using cornstarch: Add about 1 teaspoon of KFP potato starch per 1 cup of granulated sugar and blend in a high-speed blender. You can use this powdered sweetener substitute in recipes like cranberry curd bars, blueberry crumb bars, or flourless chocolate cake.

Granulated Sugar and Tapioca Starch

Derived from cassava plants, tapioca starch can also be called tapioca flour. It can be mixed with granulated sugar to create a powdered sweetener substitute. Following are the instructions: Use a ratio of 1 cup of sugar per 1 teaspoon of tapioca starch. Blend the two ingredients in a high-speed blender until they are powdered. Starting with Kosher for Passover ingredients, this combination is also suitable for Passover. Try sprinkling it over dishes like cinnamon-sugar Dutch baby casserole or Ina Garten's chocolate banana crumb cake.

Coconut Sugar & Cornstarch, Potato Starch, or Tapioca Starch

If you have coconut sugar in your pantry, you can use it similarly to regular granulated sugar to create a powdered sweetener substitute with cornstarch, potato starch, or tapioca starch. Simply follow the instructions outlined for granulated sugar. Keep in mind that while both coconut sugar and granulated sugar are sweet, they have slightly different flavors; coconut sugar tends to have a more earthy taste.

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