INGIA USA-Advanced Biotechnology
INGIA USA-Advanced Biotechnology

INGVIA® I95 is the shortest known sweetened stevia glycoside, the solubility is 4 times that of Rebaudioside M, and the taste is very close to sucrose.

INGVIA® l 95 Labelling

USA (Product Name)EU(Produce Name)
steviol glysocosidesnone available (Not approved)

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INGVIA® l 95 Certification


HALAL, Kosher

Statement of INGVIA® I 95

Statement of INGVIA® I 95

Aflatoxin Free

Animal Free

Benzo[a]pyrene and P.A.H Free


ETO Free


Gluten Free

Glyphosate Free

Latex Free

Nanomaterials Free

PHOs Free

Phthalates Free

Pyrogens Free

Sewer Sludge Free

Steroids Free
Sulfite Free

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