INGIA USA-Advanced Biotechnology
INGIA USA-Advanced Biotechnology

INGIABIO focuses on making natural and health ingredients and products with advanced biotechnologies, our purpose is to meet the infinite possibilities with green and low-carbon technologies.


Who we are

INGIABIO focuses on making natural and healthy ingredients, products with advanced fermentation, including natural sweeteners (Steviol Glycosides, Mogroside and Allulose), natural flavors and fragrances (Vanillin) and dietary supplements, which are widely used in industries including food and beverage, nutrition and health care, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic medicine.

INGIABIO has 4 natural product advanced fermentation R&D and production platform around the world, respectively in the United States, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Shanghai in China. With innovative research and development facilities in Shanghai, Xi 'an and Chengdu China, our talented employees and customers working together to combine the potential of people and technology, so as to create more cutting-edge ingredient solutions that make life better and healthier.

Our purpose

INGIABIO adheres to the ideas of development including "original intellectual property rights", "green development", and "zero quality defect and great user experience" and is determined to become an enterprise with international influence.

Our Value

Innovation, Professionalism, Equality and Everyone belongs

Everyday, INGIA employees bring their skills, creativity, and passion together to deliver products and services that meet clients’ needs. We are innovators who combine the power of technology to delight customers and consumers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics, safety, quality, and sustainability.

Our History

ingia bio history

Our Organization

INGIABIO as a stevia supplier, has three major professional teams: the Scientist Team, the Innovation Technology Team, and the Production Process Team.

Scientist Team: Comprising top scientists from various fields such as synthetic biology, engineering, and applied technology, this team engages in top-level design and strategic planning, setting the development direction for the company's scientific research system.

Wang Yong (Chief Scientist)

  • Ph.D. from MIT

Li Zhenghong (Director of Strategic Development)

  • Ph.D. from Rutgers University in the United States

Li Wei(Senior Scientist)

  • Engaged in research for nearly 10 years in synthetic biology, protein chemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, and related fields

Innovation Technology Team: With a high proportion of doctorate/master's degree holders (up to 87%),This team is responsible for innovating proprietary technologies.

Production Process Team: Each member of this team has over 10 years of production operation and management experience, ensuring the continuous and stable industrial production of the company.

INGIABIO has established long-term cooperative relationships with institutions such as the Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwest University, Sichuan University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Zhejiang University, and others. This ensures a stable influx of talent.

Our Certifications and Intellectual Properties

INGIA-BIO has obtained a number of domestic and international certifications such as FSSC22000, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, NON-GMO, etc. Our main products have passed the review of FDA GRAS in the U.S.A. And at the same time, as a stevia supplier, we have passed the user audits of several large U.S.A. customers.

Part of patent certificates of INGIA-BIO

Part of patent certificates of INGIA-BIO

iso 9001
iso 22000
star k

Social Resposibility

INGIABIO is deeply involved in the industrialization of advanced fermentation, transforming advanced science and technology into a complete production process and applying it to factory-scale production. INGIABIO has consistently adhered to the development concept of green and low-carbon practices, and we also actively assumes social responsibilities, while leading the development of green models in the industry.

In 2022, INGIABIO sponsored the "Western Synthetic Biological Manufacturing Youth Forum". In 2023, INGIABIO, in collaboration with Northwest University and Sichuan University, established the IGEM laboratory, supporting two representative teams from Northwest University and Sichuan University to participate in the iGEM International Genetic Engineering Machine Competition. In the 2023 iGEM competition, both teams achieved outstanding results, winning gold and silver medals respectively.

Starting from 2023, INGIABIO will consecutively support 20 needy students in Inari County, Sichuan to complete their studies for five years.


  • Personnel

    INGIA gathers a talented team for the projects and the products

  • Research

    INGIA always focus on the projects to lead the green manufacturing mode in the industry

  • Technology

    Dual Technology System of Extraction and Biosynthesis



  • Well-known experts in the core team of synthetic biology, overseas returned doctors, and a batch of young people talented in extraction, fermentation, analysis, testing, and marketing are sparing no effort in the research & development and production of natural active ingredients and plant-based functional formula, applying cutting-edge synthetic biology technology, leading the green manufacturing mode in the industry, and creating a better future.

  • "Synthetic biology" is the frontier field of biology that the developed countries focus on at present, and it is also the high ground in the future bio-medicine and health industry, so it has been listed as a special project in the National Key R&D Program in 2020 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. 

  • By virtue of the leading synthetic biotechnology, INGIA has established a world-leading production platform and research and development system covering efficient engineering bacteria construction, microbial metabolism regulation, and optimization, efficient biotransformation/fermentation, and separation and purification. Based on the original solvent-free separation & purification technology, INGIA has achieved production without organic solvents, making the production process more green, and fitting more with the carbon neutrality development philosophy. 

Facts About INGIA®

  • Established In 2015

    Established In 2015, With A National Leading R&D And Production Platform

  • Patent Certification

    Obtained More Than 30 Domestic And Foreign Patent Certifications

  • Development Platform

    Built 800 Square Meters Of Natural Product Synthetic Biology Research And Development Platform

  • Team Members

    Biological Chemistry Multi-Field Expert Technical Team Members