INGIA USA-Advanced Biotechnology
INGIA USA-Advanced Biotechnology

INGVIA® portfolio of stevia flavor modifiers and sweeteners sourced from stevia leaf extract delivers deep sugar reduction solutions. With unique and proprietary ingredients, compelling provenance, and leading technical innovations, our stevia solutions are a great fit for a wide range of food and beverage applications.

Rare Steviol Glycosides Powder And Novel Components

INGVIA Natural Stevia Feature Datasheet Download
INGVIA® REB M 99 Stevia Leaf Extract High purity, fast dissolution speed, easy to dissolve at low temperature, good fluidity, very little dissolution residue. View More Catalog Download
INGVIA® REB M 95 Stevia Leaf Extract The taste is far superior to all traditional steviol glycosides, with a cost increase much smaller than traditional steviol glycosides. View More Catalog Download
INGVIA® REB I 95 Stevia Leaf Extract Rebaudioside I95 is a commercially available, rarer steviol glycoside component. View More /
INGVIA® REB D 95 Stevia Leaf Extract Rebaudioside D 95 is suitable for use in hot drinks, coffee, and table sugar, and is derived entirely from natural extraction. View More Catalog Download

Traditional Components of Steviol Glycosides Sweetener

INGVIA Natural Stevia Feature Datasheet Download
INGVIA® REB A 98/80/60 Stevia Leaf Extract After special purification treatment, it is better than other Rebaudioside A, and it is suitable for compounding with other rare components. View More /
INGVIA® Organic REB A 98/80/60 Stevia Leaf Extract Completely organic stevia, using extraction method, fully in line with organic certification. View More /


INGIA offers a range of natural stevia sugar flavor enhancers and sweeteners that provide effective solutions for significant sugar reduction. Our stevia ingredients, derived from specially cultivated varietals, are sustainably grown, undergo minimal processing, and can be traced back to the farming communities. With exclusive stevia glycosides ingredients, strong provenance, and cutting-edge technical advancements, our stevia solutions are well-suited for various food and beverage applications.

Our comprehensive range of stevia glycosides ingredients allows for:

  • Reducing sugar and synthetic sweeteners using plant-based alternatives

  • Developing clean, sweet taste profiles without any bitterness

  • Enhancing flavors to create optimal taste experiences and high-quality sweetness

  • Innovating sweet taste across diverse food and beverage categories including:

    - Sports nutrition beverages, bars, and supplements

    - Yogurt with stevia, ice creams, and flavored milks

    - Savory sauces and dressings

    - Carbonated soft drinks, teas, and ready-to-drink coffee

    - Baked goods and confectionery

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that we provide top-notch solutions for addressing sugar reduction challenges while delivering exceptional taste experiences.

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