Stevia Glycosides

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Stevia is a mixture of eight sweet ingredients extracted from stevia. It is a natural green, low-calorie, high-sweetness sweetener. INGIA provides different types of SG for the clients.

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Specialized in the development and production of INGVIA Reb M and INGVIA Reb D stevia sweeteners, INGIA can deliver high-purity stevia glycosides mixtures to improve sweetness, stability and natural flavor using novel conversion technologies.

The patented technology can provide natural ingredients tailored to customers' formulation, technical and quality requirements by utilization of stevia leaf extraction, simplified conversion process, separation and purification techniques and advanced biotechnology.

Recently, INGIA has received the GRAS notification approval from FDA, and Reb M and Reb D have been assigned new FEMA numbers that can be used as natural flavours.

*INGIA offers additional products and proprietary formulas. If you have a specific need or product specification that not included, please contact us to discuss the additional products. We can offer to meet your needs.


• Non-GMO Project Verified

• Kosher

• Halal

• Hypoallergenic

• Gluten-Free

• Available in Organic

INGVIA® Natural Stevia
Reb M 95(Traditional leaf extracts &Bioconversion
from leaf extract)

Reb D 95(Traditional leaf extracts &Bioconversion
from leaf extract)

Reb M 98/95/80/60/50/40 (Traditional leaf


INGVIA® Stevia Blends
Tailored glycoside blends for targeted sweetness profiles to maximize taste and cost in use


INGVIA® Premium

Customized Development


INGVIA® Tastefit
Stevia Natural Flavors

Clean label flavor modification for sugar reduction and No Sugar Added claims


Enzyme Modified Stevia
Glycosylated/Enzyme Modified Reb A 98/80/60/50

Glycosylated/Enzyme Modified SG95


INGIA Exclusive Stevia Glycoside GIAVIA ®Plus Series

The series of product is manufactured by mixing a variety of stevia glycosides as raw materials. The product can be customized according to customer requirements, and the proportion of stevia glycosides can be adjusted, so as to meet the application in more food fields; moreover, the product is mainly made of the raw materials of a variety of natural stevia glycosides extracted from stevia leaves in a scientific proportion, with the sweetness about 200-300 times higher than sucrose, and the calories only about 1/125 of sucrose. It will not be absorbed to produce calories after ingestion, so it is a suitable sweetener for diabetes and obesity patients. Easily soluble in water, its solubility is greatly improved compared with other stevia glycoside monomers, and its acid, base and heat characteristics are stable; compared with RebA, the post-bitter taste is significantly improved. The product features pure sweet taste, full and clean, and short residual taste, without obvious sour, mint, metal and other bad aftertaste. In addition, it can also be compounded with a variety of sweeteners according to demands to obtain better characters and flavors.

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